Thursday, February 12, 2009


on our ventures through tokyo, makensie, anthea & i found an amazing spot in the overpopulated city called daikanyama. this area, squeezed between shibuya & ebisu, consists of unbelievable architecture, parisian-like cafes, outdoor sculptures & adorable boutiques. we spent hours perusing couture & vintage boutiques, paper craft stores, small art galleries & pastry shops. the more stores i visited, the more shopping bags i collected & the more enamored i became. 

one of the vintage clothing shops we checked out, hanjiro, was down a small stairway, lined with flower pots & candles. the entry way was unbelievable! never before had i seen an interior designed like this. used, painted windows served as an impromptu wall. old soup cans with a single flower inside were sporadically placed on shelves along the walls. a random merry-go-round horse was semi hidden behind groups of ferns & unique chandeliers...& that was just the entryway! 

when i actually entered the store i was amazed at the selection of clothing & accessories (some, which were second hand). anthea & makensie were directly drawn to the women's section, but as for me, i couldn't put my camera down. in the center of the store were three, large, clawfoot bathtubs filled with koi (my favorite!). one wall was lined with bright, modern art paintings, displayed as if they were their own gallery. the clothes were hung by heavy, steel hangers & folded 

on top of antique looking tables.  the accessories were stored in hollow tree stumps or on wooden counters. the clothes, the display, the art & interior design was incredible!

unfortunately, i was so awestruck i couldn't pull myself together & purchase something. however! i plan on going back for a weekend to relish the beautiful daikanyama & my new favorite store, hanjiro. 

fyi: anthea did a phenomenal post about this store & daikanyama:

read it: her post is beautiful! 

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