Wednesday, February 11, 2009

my new nook

i stumbled upon this cafe with my dear friend, anthea. we were walking to the numazu train station, about to embark on another adventure, when i saw the cafe's advertisement on a small chalk board stand at the base of an ascending stairway. i wanted to go in immediately, but anthea (who always keeps me on track) suggested we continue with our former plan, & if time allowed, visit the cafe after our weekend excursion. so, after an exhausting weekend of doing my best to fully embrace this amazing country, i finally walked up those stairs & opened those doors....& came face to face with inspiration. 

cambridge cafe, a library cafe, is without a doubt, one of my favorite places on this earth. its theme, "old iz new" is a perfect explanation of the cafe's interior design flow. the antique door knobs & tables, refinished wood flooring, recycled chairs & crackle painted walls immediately lifted my spirits. the walls are lined with simple book shelves, on which, universal art & design books rest. the small table, where we sat, had a rough surface, but was warm & inviting.  we were served tea (by a woman who is now our friend!) in our own personal kettles with adorable tea cups & bamboo place mats. the cafe is simply amazing, for it is an experience in itself! 

the tea: rejuvenating. the food: unbelievable. the atmosphere: stimulating. cambridge cafe-no-mori: the best. i've found my new hiatus.

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Stacy said...

nothing beats a night spent reading in a cafe.