Wednesday, February 25, 2009 & more art!

another magical weekend has flown by & honestly, japan keeps getting better. 

doyobi (saturday):  right after work i hopped on the train & met anthea in numazu. she was waiting with food & wine in her apartment--what a dear! from there, we went to an extremely cool underground bar with a hilarious bar tender, who knows us by name. our friend, yukashi, (she works at my favorite coffee shop) met up with us & brought her incredible art portfolio along with awesome paintbrush/ink pens (which i, of course, have purchased & am loving). the entire night we were drawing, painting, learning each other's language & drinking amazing beer. it was magical, & everyone else thought i was crazy to be drawing in a bar (but i loved the pen!).

the notebook (i was learning weather words)
my first look at yukashi's portfolio--i was so impressed!

nichiyobi (sunday): anthea & i took a trip to the moutains of mishima & went to an incredible sculpture garden/art museum called clematis-no-oka.  this place was breathtaking! although it was cold & the grass was brown (i'm SO ready for spring), it was gorgeous. the gardens were teeming with sculptures by guiliano vangi, calm ponds, quaint tea houses & rare plants.  there was also an indoor museum, with more sculptures (some were a little odd) & 
beautiful paintings. it was such a 
serene experience, i wish you all could've been there! 

paintings from inside the museum

a tranquil pond (filled with moss!!)

our afternoon tea spot


hideGF said...
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The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Loving these pictures.

hideGF said...

Oh Clematis museum !!
I've been there before ago...

That exactry there are many sculptures and pictures.
The large space garden
is good for run and hide&seek with kids. : )

I wonder the restaurant where provide organic carry still stay open in the museum...

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I really sounds like you're enjoying your time here! How long are in you in Japan for?