Thursday, February 12, 2009

the hole

i fell in a hole this morning. a bloody hole! here's what happened... i was walking along, merrily listening to ella & reflecting on my long work day ahead of me. i must admit that on that particular walk, i felt quite over confident: my pants were ironed, my hair was dry & i was wearing my favorite houndstooth blazer. for once i didn't feel awkward when people blatantly stared at me (mind you, i am only foreigner in fuji city, i get plenty of odd stares). as i strolled, i sang along with ella, glanced at mt. fuji against the pale blue sky & said to myself, "yes. this is my day." right. just when i let my optimism get the best of me--BAM! i stepped on what seemed to be a drain, which didn't have a very secure lid & fell, without a hint of gracefulness. my right leg, up to my knee, was beneath ground & in terrible pain. i screamed in german, was horribly embarrassed & struggled to fight tears. i literally thought my leg was broken & started to panic about insurance issues. far too many seconds passed when i finally noticed the people on the opposite side of the street staring at me with open mouths. excellent. eventually i gained my composure, picked myself up off the ground & out of the hole....& proceeded to work--humiliated. (go ahead....laugh.)

 of course i had to document.

 here's the drain/hole (wouldn't you step on it? it seems like a completely secure lid).

oh no. the lid was not secure.


naturally nina said...

Oh nO! Sorry that happened although you told it in a funny wa! :)

Katie P said...

ahahahahah!!! I knew there was a reason I never walk on non-concrete surfaces! jk I love you so much dear and had I been there I hope I would have fallen with you that way we could have pretended like it was a joke! "duh, we meant this to happen. haven't you seen street theater before??"