Friday, February 13, 2009

be my valentine?

amazing valentine cards via: papercrave:

tandem bicycle card by lark press

spitfire girl's cherry wood sparrow card from urban outfitters: 

although tomorrow is valentines day, i have yet to see a store overly decorated with pink & hearts & fake red roses. there are no love songs playing in the supermarket & my students aren't making valentines boxes or giving out little candy hearts that say, "be mine" or "hug me". yes, the japanese do celebrate this holiday of love, but in a completely different way. february 14 is deemed a day for girls to give their loved ones some chocolates (which, they typically make themselves) or a bag of candy. in return, on march 14, white day, boys are expected to give back a more expensive or significant gift. interesting, ne? 

regardless, i've been in the valentines spirit all week. i've been constantly listening to love songs & classical heart breakers from my older albums, newer purchases & of course, the radio (thanks to my new internet installation). i can't get enough of npr's valentines specials: make out mix, &  lesser known love songs as well as the holiday love selection from my favorite boston radio station. here are some of my top picks for valentines day!
  •  "Debra" from Beck's Midnite Vultures album
  • "Samba da Bencao" from Bebel Gilberto's Tanto Tempo album
  • "Danny Says" from The Ramones' End of the Century album
  • "Love is the Reason" from Blossom Deary's Soubrette album
  • "Anytime" from Brian McKnight's From There to Here: 1989-2002 album
  • "Anti Love Song" from Betty Davis
  • "My Sweet Hunk O' Trash" from Billie Holiday
...i also had the hankering to make valentines day cards for my coworkers.  the cards turned out really cute, even though i didn't have any modpodge (hah!). 

i didn't get any cards in the mail, but i did email my loved ones these cards by kate spade,  which i thought were adorable! check them out (via creature comforts):


Anthea said...

you are so martha! i love your blog it's looking great. My cousin has started reading it too! Bravo!

Rose said...

Leah Bell,

Your Valentine is in the mail...really! Love you. Mom

hideGF said...

i hope you have happy Valentines day with beautiful musics.
Oh i should have brought some flowers for you today..;)