Friday, April 16, 2010


last weekend i met up with friends in osaka for a hanshin tigers baseball game. although i have been to dozens of professional baseball games in many different stadiums, i have never witnessed a 7th inning stretch quite like this one. all the fans blew up balloons & released them simultaneously into the air while chanting the tigers' fight song. it was unbelievable! apparently, this is traditionally done at both home & away games. how cool is that? anyways, i got some great shots as well as a video (please ignore my screaming...i was too excited). & most importantly : the tigers beat the tokyo swallows 7 to 3. washoi!!!


Tracie said...

So cool!!

Leslie said...

Environment be damned, that's just COOL!!! :)

Sandy said...

love it! such a great weekend! love you!