Tuesday, April 6, 2010


te (hand) + pan (pan/griddle) + yaki (grilled, boiled or fried) = teppanyaki (one of my favorite styles of japanese cooking). its basically the version of american hibachi grill, except better, more delicious & more exciting. last weekend my students took me to this quaint teppanyaki restaurant. there were no chairs, no booths; only tatami mats, small pillows & 5 low tables, each with a grill in the center. we ordered yakisoba (a type of fried noodles) with shrimp & japanese vegetables. my students insisted i cooked the noodles, which made me nervous - but it was so much fun! i want to go back right away & order something more exotic. enjoy the photos & enjoy your week!


Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

Sounds fab and delicious!

Seth Green Looks Like Me said...

Who are the students? I can't tell. It's looks like Yuta and Wakana, but no... couldn't be.