Wednesday, April 14, 2010

shades of pink.

the sakura (cherry blossoms) have come & gone. there are now more pink & white pedals on the ground & in the rivers than there are on the trees, which makes me a bit sad. but, no worries - i took amazing photos of sakura this year. i ventured all over japan, down to the izu peninsula & out west to osaka in order to take as many photos as possible. unfortunately, it seemed every time i planned to take pictures of sakura, it rained. however, i happened to get great shots of these beautiful trees in the rain & fog. isn't it incredible how many different shades of pink sakura have?


Tracie said...

leah I miss you! you never commented on my facebook note ya jerk. lol. but anyway, I'm leaving Boston if you didn't know. And I have a blog now! So follow it!

Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

My brother just had his honeymoon in Japan and this season must be just fantastic. Looking at the pictures they look drugged by the beauty.

Rose said...

Absolutely beautiful! I want to make a print and frame that center one. I was singing the Sakura song (children's japanese folk song ) to my pre-schoolers yesterday as we brought in a large branch and glued wads of pink tissue paper to the branches, so it was a treat to see this today!

Love you Bell.....47 days and counting