Monday, January 18, 2010

i like giraffes.

every once & a while i have beautiful teaching moments with my students. i try to log them in my journal, so i'll be able to remember these sweet occurrences forever. i figure it will be a great reward to read these little stories years down the road & in turn, jog my memory, taking me back to these wild 18 months of teaching english to japanese children. last week i jotted down in my journal a precious instance i had with two of my pre-school students. in fact, it was so wonderful, i decided to share it.

i was finishing up a unit on "i like" or "i don't like" with two of my favorite 4 year old, adorably pigtailed, students. in their workbook, there were several zoo animals scattered over the page. under each animal, there was a check mark & an 'x' mark. the students were to circle the check mark if they liked the animal & circle the 'x' mark if they didn't like the animal. the first animal was a giraffe. they both circled the check & said, "i like giraffes." the next was a lion. they both circled the 'x' & said, "i don't like lions." the next animal was a zebra...& so on. you get the idea.

after the page was finished, one of the little girls drew a picture of me. under my picture she drew a check mark & an 'x' mark. she then circled the check mark, looked at me & said, "i like leah sensei!" it was the greatest moment ever!


Rose said...

I likey Leah Sense tooey~

Love Mom

leah bell said...

danke, meine mutti! liebe dich!!!

Seth Green Looks Like Me said...

They haven't grown. At. All. What about the others, all the others? More students please!