Wednesday, January 13, 2010

almost alice.

so, guess which movie hits the theaters march 5...tim burton's imaginative alice in wonderland (in 3D!). i have no doubt this film will tear up the box office with johnny depp as the mad hatter, helena bonham carter as the red queen & crispen glover as the knave of hearts. this movie is bound to be outrageous.

&, guess which album hits the stores march 2...the soundtrack to this new version of alice in wonderland, almost alice. yesterday, myspace publicized the artists, who the soundtrack will feature. the 2 songs i am most anxious to hear are, "very good advice", which robert smith (from the cure) will perform. also, "the lobster quadrille", which will be covered by franz ferdinand. this cd is going to be m.i.n.e. hands down.

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