Wednesday, July 8, 2009

linda georgina

imperial palace, tokyo.

amazing friends are hard to come by. i am so, very fortunate to have the greatest friends in the whole wide world. my friends can make me laugh so hard, my stomach hurts. my friends can be wild & crazy with me, always ready for a wild & crazy adventure. my friends listen to me, regardless or how bizarre my thoughts might be (!?). my friends stay awake with me all night, talking & giving twinkles. my friends know my troubles & weaknesses & love me so much more because of them. my friends love me & i love them. i miss them... terribly.

one of my favorite friends (& people) on this earth decided to visit me in japan last week. linda georgina. a gorgeous & hilarious individual that i absolutely adore & can never get enough of. i can't even begin to describe how heart warming, fun & wild our time was together. although she was only here for 10 days, we packed each day with much insanity, excursion & travel as one could possibly imagine.

when she was here, i felt complete. i felt myself. i felt at home. now that she's gone it feels as if a huge hole has replaced a large portion of my heart. my apartment looks empty, my life seems bland & i am sad! i often have this lonely, uncomfortable feeling in my soul after a friend & i depart from one another. i loathe people leaving me. why does it always happen? my entire life is this constant pattern: meet great people, find true friends, move away, miss them constantly.

must i always say more "goodbye's" than "hello's"?

although i feel this way, i am forcing myself to remember the remarkable times linda & i spent in japan. i am also reminding myself to be thankful for friends. the ones i met years ago as well as the ones i met here in japan. friendship is a true blessing! so: to all my friends in chattanooga, baton rouge, new orleans, philadelphia, houston, flensburg, boston & japan: thank you for bringing joy to my heart.
...i love you DEARLY.

dinner in numazu.
we climbed mt. fuji! are my love. thank you for coming to japan!!!! xx for LIFE.


ann elise borchardt said...

ugh. i'm so jealous! i wish i could come visit too!!!I LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

don't forget austin texas!!! love you leahbell and i know EXACTLY how you feel! feel comfort knowing that we all love and miss you just as much, and are thinking of you! :-) MUAH!!

Anonymous said...

p.s. it's tracie!!

l.bell said...

i love you BOTH! (tracie: of course i wouldn't forget austin...i guess i should've put "texas" instead of "houston." but, i wrote this with you in mind!!)

miss you both!

ann elise borchardt said...