Sunday, July 26, 2009


i just turned 24! this year my birthday fell on a wednesday--in the middle of an especially busy work week. so, i didn't plan a party or a special dinner. but, my amazing friends threw me a surprise party! on saturday night, my friend missy, invited me to dinner at an amazing french restaurant. we had a 4 course meal, with the best food ever! after dinner, the entire restaurant sang me happy birthday & gave me a beautiful dessert.

<------we ate sea urchin in a shell... it was incredible!

my salad.
my entree.
missy's dessert.

after that, missy & i went to our favorite bar for a few drinks. little did i know--all my friends were at the bar, waiting to surprise me! i've never been so surprised, or so excited that everyone was there, celebrating together! it was such a memorable day...
i was so happy!

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