Wednesday, December 23, 2009

und das wetter?

its almost other words, its almost time for me to come home for the holidays! i've been counting down the days for months now, i can't believe december 27 is just a few days away. after living over a year in this very foreign country, i can't help but scream/jump with excitement when i think about going home. food. family. driving. shopping. boston. hair cut. being able to understand what the wanker people are saying. buckley. snuggling. boston symphony orchestra. friends. twinkles. sleeping in. baking. ping pong. playing piano...
i can't wait.

one thing i can wait for is the weather. i've heard is terrible this winter--blah. i've been constantly checking boston's weather with this awesome website. check it out! i've made it my daily routine not only clicking on boston, but other cities around the world just to see how their weather is. the pictures are so great!


Anthea said...

You will have a wonderful time! Can't wait for Bali or Tahiti or wherever! You should be getting a small omiyage from me this week some time. Hope it helps to get you through! Three days hurrah!

ALFIE said...

SO excited you get to come home this holiday season!!!

hope your Christmas is fab!!

Cookie said...