Wednesday, May 6, 2009

evening shower

the sun was just about to set as i was getting off the train. i was looking forward to my beautiful walk home, because the breathtaking, snow capped fuji is almost blinding this time of day, when the sun reflects off its white top. i absolutely love it. my walk today, however, was different. just as i got off the train it started raining--but it wasn't an ordinary rain, rather a soft shower, like the ones i imagine happen in hawaii. i didn't need an umbrella, it wasn't a downpour. it was a cool, tranquil rain, which only lasted for a few minutes (although i wished it would've lasted longer).  while it was raining, i managed to snap a couple photos. enjoy!

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44 said...

sugokku suteki!!
niji sutekinamono ni deaetane!!