Wednesday, April 15, 2009

熱海市, the hot ocean

atami: a traditional japanese city with a mediterranean vibe. known for its hot springs, mandarin oranges & beautiful beaches, this place is close to paradise. it lies on the sugami gulf of the pacific ocean & resides on craters of the extinct volcano, mt. atami. i went last weekend with my friend & we had an amazing time, i didn't want to leave! fortunately, its only a 40 minute train ride from fuji, so i'll be back soon. especially in the summer!

<----women dressed as geisha, waiting to pick up important people at the station

a woman washing her feet in the natural springs right outside the station ---->

walking on the moon terrace along the ocean.

we took a rope way up the mountains to a gorgeous castle. here are photos from inside the small rope way car & the view from the top. how cute is this couple, by the way? 

the final view of this unbelievable city. 


cocorosa said...

ohhhhh I want to be there!!! xoxo

hideGF said...

exactry you said, I think the view of Atami like Monaco.
I've been Atami long time ago so many sight spots improved now (your photo said :) )