Thursday, June 23, 2011

teaux deaux.

what do you do when you're standing at a crossroad? i feel like i'm at this crazy intersection with several signs all pointing me in different directions. how do i know which sign to follow or which road to go down? i refuse to stay stuck for a long time - its time for me to get my rear in gear! i officially deem this summer as project get your life together. first things first (let's start with baby steps) is make a 'to do' list. here's my list from today:
1. run
2. laundry
3. journal
4. research
5. happy hour :)
6. relaxxx

& of course my way of relaxing is to read all of the lovely blogs out there. thank goodness i found out that i'm not the only weirdo who lives by lists. check out the website listgeeks and the to-do list blog. and i discovered this clever iphone app - teux deux! ahhhh organization. i feel better already...

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