Thursday, May 13, 2010

road trip.

a few weekends ago, one of my favorite families took me on a road trip to magome & tsumago.these towns are located in the kiso valley (which runs along the japanese alps) & were major road connections between tokyo & kyoto in the edo period. the area is absolutely beautiful & so well restored. it was awesome walking down the cobble stone streets, passing by the ancient homes & shops.

the otani family.
an old cafe.
go (my student) & i in a crazy chair.
missy (my friend) & i with our favorite hats.
buying senbei (japanese rice snack - which is amazing!).
a gorgeous view of the japanese alps & the old roofs.
this lady was 92 & still working! she was the cutest.


Rose said...

Let's see....that means I have 39 more years to work...

wonderful photos.


Anonymous said...

These are our precious memories.

Thank you Leah!!

love, Reiko