Wednesday, October 21, 2009

its so swiney.

yesterday i had a high fever, left work early & went to the doctor. guess what? i have THE flu, yes, that's right--swine flu. for the next 5 days i must stay locked up in my apartment, away from everyone & everything in order to prevent this crazy sickness from spreading. yuck! instead of wallowing in my misery & pain, i'm determined to take advantage of this time of rest & relaxation. i plan to catch up on my reading, studying, gradschool applying, writing & blogging. yay for optimism! :)

japan has turned me into a huge bike lover. whenever i pass by a train station or grocery store, i am bound to spot a fantastic bike that i can't take my eyes off of. a couple months ago, i started photographing these bikes, which i find so appealing. how great are these bikes? i wish i could have them all...
& last but not least, my bike!


Anthea said...

Great post! Hope you feel better soon!

ALFIE said...

thank you for posting this. and bringing a bit of humor to the situation. as a medical professional...i am up to my eyeballs in the swine flu freak-out. it's so nice to see someone be realistic about it. the average person will get sick. get better. and move on. we should all be cautious...but the media freak out is going too far!

i am praying for your speedy SF recovery!

p.s. uber jealous of your fashion week adventure :)

ann elise borchardt said...

these are all so cool! i'm going to show adam this post, he will be SO jealous. he's been looking for a bike like some of these! he'll probably want you to steal one and bring it home (somehow?!) for him- save room in your suitcase!