Wednesday, September 9, 2009

decor8 this.

today i feel like painting my apartment walls. i want to shop for secondhand frames & old hardware. i would love to go to papersource* & find a great box to cover. but...i can't. instead, i've been endlessly reading my favorite design blog, design*sponge. this blog is based out of brooklyn, ny & features do it yourself projects, creative interior spaces & home tours. one section of their blog is my absolute favorite: sneak peeks. its basically an inside peek of amazing home interiors all over the world! today, i made an imaginary house & picked out my favorite rooms.
the colors in this living room are my favorite. check out the chair covers!
i love a wall covered in frames...

i'm swooning over the
organization of this office.
the open shelves are my favorite.
if it were my space, i'd paint the walls
the olive color of the desk.
can you picture it?

my dream kitchen=brick wall. no cabinets & completely open ceiling.
usually, pink bedroom walls wouldn't be
my top choice. but, i'm loving this space!

a claw foot bath tub is a MUST for my future
bathroom. i'm also loving these white washed
walls. i want it!, back to reality. i'm in my small apartment in fuji, japan.
saving money for my future apartment in texas...
i can't wait!!


Anthea said...

Ooo la la a claw foot bath tub! I love the organization of the desk area too! It's so you! So organized and stylish... <3

Katie P said...

I love the kitchen! And of course the walls covered in frames. Perfect. Had any egg salad sandwiches lately? Loving you, Katie.

Bethany said...

hey leah, i took a peak at your blog today; it's fun to see what you've been up to. :O) I checked out the design blog in this post and it's awesome. thanks for sharing! i actually live in brooklyn now and found out that a new friend of mine had her apartment featured on this blog back in 2007. her place is adorable. you can check it out here
( you like. i hope you feel better soon! take care of yourself and sleep a lot.

bethany (lytle) blankenbeckler