Friday, March 27, 2009

its overcast & its beautiful.

it is an overcast, chilly & ordinary day. my energy level is low & i would be content lying in bed, reading a book & studying hiragana. my sister, hayley (left), aka: best friend, a gorgeous woman & my forever soul mate, always enjoys these somber days - just as much as the sunshiny, eventful ones. she says there is just as much beauty in dismal fog than in clear skies. i never agreed with her until today, when i managed to crawl out of bed & explore fuji city. i found joy in the gray sky & hope in naked trees. i saw love & it was all around.


i saw a grandma helping her grandsons on their way home from school.


i saw koi in the pond at iwa motoyama (shrine in fuji).


i saw spring.


Emilee said...

A perfect post for me to stumble across on a rainy, drear morning. I agree, they can be a delight :)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

It is true, that beauty can be found in everything! Such a nice thought of her and I am glad you got that feeling too. How is Japan to live in? I'd love to go there one day and just experience it.

Hayley Rose Davis said...

So you thought I was crazy, loving the rain and fog? I'm so glad you found that way to become part of it and let it become part of you. I think being able to enjoy any kind of day, regardless (and sometimes because of) the weather is a sign of inner peace. P.S. the picture you chose is perfect -- the real me.

Hayley Rose Davis said...
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44 said...

speaking Japanese!!

comments morattekara blog mitemashitayo

suteki na shashin desune

color GOOD!!

mata minikimasune

thank you!!